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Spinal health

We’ve got your back

Your back pain is within your control. Choosing the right bed gives you relief and might change your days completely. With DUX, you get deep, pressure-free rest that is good for your spine.

Keep your spine in line

When you sleep at night, your back does not necessarily get the rest it needs. Not having the right support can cause tension. That is why we design our products to align your spine through dynamic support. Imagine sleeping on a bed that adjusts to your shape and body movements. How does it influence you? Natural position, relaxed muscles, less pain, better blood flow, and a chance to fully restore your body overnight. The DUX Bed gives you all of that.

Correct sleeping posture

Side sleeping is the best position, and here is why. It is the only position that allows the spine to straighten out. There is also very little pressure on the spine when you lay on your side. If you sleep in a fetal position, it takes even more pressure off your lower back.

Dr Jason Gordon, a back specialist with two decades of experience

Back pain relief

Customised to your needs

The Pascal Customisable Support System

Believing there is no one-size-fits-all, we offer customised solutions to fulfil your specific needs. Unless you and your partner are identical in shape, size, and weight, you need a bed that will take your inherent differences into account.

Our Pascal system of interchangeable spring cassettes lets you customise your side of the bed for optimal support and comfort. In a DUX bed, comfort should never be compromised.

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Lumbar support

Whether it is a permanent issue or a temporary condition like sports injury or pregnancy, you may need extra lumbar support while sleeping. The DUX 8008 model is a perfect solution for your needs, as it includes a removable hand crank.

DUX 8008 with lumbar support

Different beds for different needs

From the unique interlocking spring system to the The Pascal Customisable Support System and adjustable lumbar support – for all models, we use only the highest grade materials, chosen for their performance characteristics to make it the last luxury mattress you'll ever need to purchase. Treat yourself and find your ideal luxury bed today for a better way to sleep.

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spinal health

The Myth of the hard bed

Historically mattresses were made of a material that would compress, which resulted in sagging in the middle. The hammock position caused people to suffer with back pain, so the firm bed appealed to them as the best option.

The truth, sustained by science, is that your bed should neither be too firm or too soft. To evaluate a mattress, you need to examine how it supports your spine. When your muscles can relax completely, your spine has the proper alignment. Only then are you on the right path to maximum comfort and spinal health.

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The mattress matters

How your bed can help with back pain

According to medical research, over 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives. Muscles work to protect the spine during the day. They deserve a break at night. There are many types of back pain and, thankfully, different solutions for each of them. Whether you suffer from lower, middle, upper back, or neck pain, there is a pillow, bed, or mattress to alleviate it.

Since 1926, our engineers have been studying back pain and sleep habits to create the ideal environment to relieve neck and back pain. Once you've learned a little more about types of back pain, you can start looking for the perfect, customised DUX solution for yourself.