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Article featured in Sleeper magazine issue 105


1. Naturalmat
Devon Oak Bed

Naturalmat has launched the Devon Oak Bed, encapsulating the company’s modern, back-to-nature aesthetic with a solid oak frame, slatted base and natural oil finish. Not only is every aspect of the design and construction rooted in Devon, where the company is based, the timber used can be traced to locally managed woodland. The Devon Oak Bed is also available with an upholstered, wool-filled headboard in one of Naturalmat’s natural and organic fabrics or the customer’s own choice of material.

2. DUX
Hospitality Collection

Now into its 9th decade, DUX is launching a new Hospitality Collection offering a complete bespoke design and build service for hotels. The range incorporates each of the brand’s innovations, starting with Pascal – a system of adjustable comfort zones across the shoulders, hips and legs. A continuous coil of springs made from a single mile of Swedish steel, the effect of creating a seamless set of springs, also means the bed cushions every part of the body with every spring complimenting and supporting the next.

3. The Fine Bedding Company
Hospitality Division

Part of the Certified B Corporation, Trendsetter, The Fine Bedding Company produces mattress protectors, toppers and enhancers that combine supreme comfort with advanced protection and durability that will extend a mattress’ lifespan. The products also carry sustainability credentials; the family-run business takes a pioneering approach to product development, manufacturing each item in a purpose-built eco-factory in Estonia, whilst also working on its traceability and carbon reduction.

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