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Norm Architects

The Copenhagen-based Norm Architects was founded in 2008. The multi-talented team work with commercial interiors, residential architecture and industrial design as well as photography, graphics and art direction.

Our collaboration with Norm Architects started during Stockholm Fashion Week 2019, when we co-created the exhibition “Into the Light”. During their contribution to the curation of the exhibition, they created the minimalistic and versatile headboard Anna, that was nominated for this years Design Awards by Bolig Magasinet in the category “Furniture Of The Year” 2020.⁠

The Norm Architects story

IN 2020 THE DANISH DESIGN and architecture agency Norm Architects breathed new life into the iconic Domus chair during Stockholm Design Week. Two chairs were reimagined, and they have been joined by a new stool and a side table. Norm Architects were founded in Copenhagen in 2008 by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn. Since then, the company has become one of Denmark’s hottest studios, known for architecture, interiors and industrial design based on simplicity, quality, sustainability and timelessness. When DUX invited Norm to search through our archive to find inspiration for a new collection, the studio focused on the Domus chairs. These chairs, one made of wood and another of steel, were originally designed by Alf Svensson for H55, the International Helsinki exhibition of 1955.

DUX asked Norm to choose a collection of classics that would look great in modern interiors, both private and commercial. “We decided to go for Domus because we wanted to choose something that suited Norm,” says Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, founder and creative manager. “These chairs have elegant aesthetic details that work with the existing DUX collection and offer the best comfort. They’re easy to position in absolutely any bedroom or living room.” Norm has preserved and developed the design. They’ve added wicker seats, adjusted dimensions, and changed the materials used. They’ve also designed a table and a stool made of solid wax-oiled oak to perfectly match the chairs. Even the minimalist Anna headboard made of oak and textile is newly designed.

It’s a real privilege to be able to delve into the history of a brand like DUX and investigate their classics. They’re almost a national treasure in Sweden. And, of course, helping to define the future is brilliant as well!

Katrine Goldstein, CEO of Norm Architects

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